Dear Annalise – Empathy

By Alicia Courtney

mommy and anna2

Dear Annalise, I’ve been thinking a lot about empathy lately.  I never realized that empathy is not something everyone has or desires.  The older I get the more I see it.  Even people close to me and that I love contain their love to their “tribe”.  Like a mother lion circling her children people often […]

A 2015 Recap (so far)!

By Alicia Courtney


Oh hey everyone!  I know, I know…. I’ve been gone awhile.  Our life has been so crazy since my last post but I miss writing so much. I am going to make an effort to keep at it.  The main reason for this blog is for my kids to have a sense of what was […]

Dear Alisha

By Alicia Courtney


Dear Alisha, You are probably reading this on your iPhone still laying in bed.  You are dreading that moment when your swollen feet hit the floor and the painful pressure that shortly follows as you push yourself upright.  These recently discovered muscles use to just make up part of your body.  Now you are aware […]

Selfishness vs Selflessness

By Alicia Courtney


Does anyone else struggle with selfishness vs selflessness?  I feel like one day I read “How to be Selfless, Put Others First and the Great Things That Follow” then the next day “Okay to Be Selfish: a Mother’s Guide to Sanity”.  I’m thinkin’ which is it?! Am I suppose to be selfish one day and […]

How Alicia Got Her Groove Back

By Alicia Courtney


Sometimes you just have to re-center and re-evaluate.  The winter was long and cold this year and it was a doozey mentally on the Courtneys.  My sun-loving husband was craving our Hawaiian life while being surrounded by three computer screens the majority of the day.  And I felt like our walls were coming down on […]


By Alicia Courtney


Dear Annalise, Every day you do something new.  It is amazing how quickly you absorb things.  You can run any smart phone with ease and not like a baby banging on a phone.  We move your apps and you will swipe until you find what you’re looking for.  You’ve been able to do that since […]

The Space You Occupy

By Alicia Courtney

Last night I stayed at a Five Star Resort.  Okay, not really.  But I took a hot bath last night and that is just as good as a Five Star for me.  I had the intention of starting a new book but decided to flip through my favorite apps first.  I stumbled upon this poetry […]

2014 Dreams List

By Alicia Courtney


I decided to make a list of dreams this year instead of resolutions.  Because dreams are more fun and the word “resolution” makes me feel like I am making yet another list of things I have to do.  The beautiful thing about life is you never HAVE to do anything really.  Although I do suggest […]

Mom Jeans

By Alicia Courtney


So, I bought my first mom jeans and they are glorious.  I got them from Old Navy so I can’t be too far off the cool spectrum.  I wish I would have been buying high-waisted pants my whole life.  I pulled them up higher than normal and showed Chris, “Look at this! Everything is in […]

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