I decided to make a list of dreams this year instead of resolutions.  Because dreams are more fun and the word “resolution” makes me feel like I am making yet another list of things I have to do.  The beautiful thing about life is you never HAVE to do anything really.  Although I do suggest you wear deodorant from time to time.  So, this year I started a list of dreams just for myself then thought I might as well share it with all of you in case you were standing on the edge of a cliff of something great and just needed that extra push.  And maybe this post was the friendly little nudge and support you needed.

This past year went by so quickly.  We had a lot firsts as a family, some growing as individuals, a lot of weddings and a lot of questions about next steps.  There were times I laughed for inappropriate reasons and times I yelled for the wrong reasons.  There were times I didn’t want to get out of bed and times I actually made my bed (not many of either though).  And this year I know will have its “ugh” moments and times I feel like a sub-par mother and wife.  And other times I will be reveling in my most awesome mother/wife of the year moments.  I kind of like not knowing exactly what will happen in 2014 but here is my Dream List.

  • Write a book in Europe
  • Buy a house
  • Have a baby or get pregnant or maybe just talk about it
  • Become a waitress on an island
  • Start a non-profit
  • Read a really, really good book
  • Adopt or foster or mentor
  • Save a good chunk of change
  • Change a life
  • Yoga more – maybe outside the home
  • Learn to meditate
  • Go to church as a family more
  • Learn an instrument
  • Tour the country as a family band
  • If pregnant – don’t be crazy. Seriously just don’t.
  • Visit a friend in a different city
  • Run a 5k… just kidding. I don’t like to run.
This is me taking a selfie because I wanted to. This year I will do more of what I want to do and less of what I think others think I should do. Maybe. I’ll try to anyways… 😉

So, what is on your Dream List this year?  And any suggestions on helping me with the above?  Books? Instruments? City you live in to visit? Island I can waitress on? I am accepting all (most) offers!

I asked Chris to make his list to see if any of ours match up.  I think tour the country as a family band will be his number one so I better start brainstorming a name.  Is “Baby A and Da ‘Rents” not ironic enough for today’s music scene?

Maybe I’ll pick up the maracas this year.
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