Oh hey everyone!  I know, I know…. I’ve been gone awhile.  Our life has been so crazy since my last post but I miss writing so much. I am going to make an effort to keep at it.  The main reason for this blog is for my kids to have a sense of what was happening and what was going on in the mind of their crazy mother.  And it’s fun to spark conversations with all of you in the process!

So, instead of writing an exceptionally long, run-on post I thought I’d give an overview in list form of what the Courtney’s have been up to!

A BIG Day – March 3rd, 2015

We had decided to “pull the goalie” about 4 months prior and I was impatiently awaiting that positive pregnancy test. We decided this time we would let Annalise see the pregnancy test first and ask her how many lines she saw.  She replied, “One…two…THREE!”  Hmmm… its one for “no” and two for “yes”.   We flipped it over to discover there were TWO lines and we were in fact pregnant. AGAIN! (I forgot that the tests had another line on it that she could possibly count.)  Holy cow…. we are crazy.

We celebrated that evening and around 9pm we got a call from our landlord.  “Yeah, we just met with our accountant and we need to sell the house.  I am so sorry.  We already talked to Realtor and we are putting it up on the market ASAP.”

So we are having a BABY!  And have to decide what our next step is.  Do we:

  1. Find another rental in Hidden Valley to stay in until Annalise hits school age then move
  2. Buy a house in Hidden Valley then move 5 years later
  3. Go ahead and make the move to Indy (where we want to be for education purposes for our kids)
  4. Crawl in a hole and cry because the timing just stinks

We decided to go to sleep and deal with it later.  Because we were having another BABY!!!!!!!!!!


Seeing her baby sibling for the first time.
20 weeks
20 weeks mug shot

And my Mom planned our gender reveal… It is a….


My best friend Emma got married in March and my sister got married in May!  So my Matron of Honor duties were in full swing!

Auntie Em and Bo Ben are MARRIED!!!
The Courtney family of 3.5


What an adorable little flower girl
We took off for Denver for Aunt Brittany’s wedding! We had SUCH a blast with the whole family staying in a big cabin in the mountains!
The Forneys or the Bonds?
Annalise keeps asking to go back to Brittany’s mountains 🙂


Our rental house sold!

Moving out of our home in HVL don't mind the garage mess as we wait for the movers!
Moving out of our home in HVL don’t mind the garage mess as we wait for the movers!

After the torture of keeping a house “show ready” with a toddler, pregnant and working from home the house sold and the real come to Jesus moment happened.  We had decided that despite wanting to be close to my parents, the best thing for us is to make one final move to Indy where we wanted our kids to go to school.  Education is our top priority and since we work from home it only makes sense for us to choose a school and area that has the most to offer for our kids then find a house there.  While we believe most values and education start at home, we want to give them the best learning environment possible.  After a ton of research, phone calls to school counselors (oh you didn’t think we were that intense?) discussions with other parents we narrowed down our home search to a few areas.  And then we looked at over 30 homes.  OY!

We would drive 2 hours to Indy, look at houses and then drive 2 hours back, all in one day.  Homes were selling the same day and being 2 hours away put us at a disadvantage.  Thankfully, my husband worked for the largest Real Estate company in Indiana for 5 years and his dad was a Realtor so he knew his stuff.  He handled EVERYTHING for the house hunt.  I just got to be nauseous with the pregnancy and work our schedules and day to day stuff.  I am so thankful for all his knowledge because I probably would have bought any of those houses just to be finished with the process.  But he noticed every detail in every house and would continue the search if it wasn’t perfect.  We finally decided that after 4 days of driving up to Indy in a row that he would go up alone moving forward and I would only go up after he had approved of the home.

The next time he went up, he found our home.  The house went on the market and he was alerted at 5am.  He drove up and fell in love with the house.  He called me and told me to get ready he was driving back down to get me.  We then race up together and have to wait while another family is inside looking at it.  Seriously, it was LOVE at first sight.  I was in the house a total of 7 minutes and there were two more families waiting to come inside and see it.  We decided to leave, put in an offer over their asking price and if it was meant to be it would work out.

Our forever home!

My Aunt Maxine was in a terrible car accident

At the same time we were looking at our potential new home my Aunt Maxine was in a horrific car accident.  The kind of phone call you never want to get and the hospital scene you wish you had never seen.  Our enthusiasm for putting in an offer on our dream forever home was soon lost as we were jolted back to reality with how precious life is and how quickly things can turn for the worst.

We spent the next few days balancing work, Annalise (huge thanks to Emma for meeting us at the hospital to watch Annalise) and saying prayers that Aunt Maxine would make it.

After a long, grueling recovery Aunt Maxine is finally home and still recovering.  She still has a long road ahead but she is alive and making progress everyday!

Bought a House

They accepted our offer by 11am the next day.  The sellers were so detailed and a tad intense which worked out in our favor.  They had remodeled the kitchen and master bath and had the entire house painted, new roof, crazy amazing landscaping and tons of other various upgrades.  They even paid to have an inspector come prior to putting it on the market so our inspection was very clean.  Chris handled all the mortgage schtuff because I was swimming in work since we had Brittany’s wedding, the house hunt and Aunt Maxine’s accident all in one month.  This is where I sing “Woomp There It Is” and dance around while high-fiving Chris.

Tag Team back again
Check its records let’s begin
Party on party people let me hear some noise
DC’s in the house jump jump rejoice

Get it? We are a tag team… Okay, I’ll limit those outbursts in the rest of this blog.

Here we are walking up to OUR front door.

Annalise LOVES the backyard and daddy is always coming up with fun games to play like pretending to be Merida the Brave!

Our backyard is HUGE and Annalise loves playing in the trees and running along the fence (thank goodness for fenced in backyards)!


Putting up the crib for baby girl #2!


I prefer to always be two steps ahead in work stuff.  And I was falling behind.  This took a HUGE toll on me mentally. Since I work from home I already battle creating relationships with clients and co-workers limited to interaction via phone and email.  I strive to establish a strong relationship early on but when you have three major things happen in one month WHILE being pregnant it makes that communication and strength of relationship strained.  As a perfectionist who wants to be the top performer in her role, this kept me up at night… along with nausea, stress of my aunts accident, buying a house and making sure my sister’s wedding went off without a hitch.  And I didn’t have the credibility already built up with these clients so that they knew not to worry.  I have a strong work history of kicking butt but could I mentally and physically prove myself at this point?

The good news is I survived.  And knowing myself I was probably harder on myself than necessary.  The work life balance is something everyone tries to juggle.  Sometimes we nail it and sometimes we just have to work harder the next month 😉

Annalise helping me out at my temporary desk during the move.


This time around has been much, much better.  I have been able to manage my hormones, nausea, etc much better this time.  And since I kind of know what I am doing this time I am able to relax a lot more.  Plus, we kind of had a lot going on.  Sometimes I would forget I am even pregnant!  Only recently here in my 3rd trimester have I been feeling noticeably exhausted, feeling lots of pressure/pain, heartburn straight from hell and all the glory the last few months have to offer.  But I can dooooo it!  The next couple months will fly by and we will have TWO daughters.  What?!  I can’t wait!!!

12 weeks
12 weeks with Annalise on the left and 12 weeks with Baby #2 on the right!
21 weeks
21 weeks! Over half way done!
29 Weeks and into the final stretch!


Oh and guess who else turned up pregnant!!! Brittany and I are both living in Indy and pregnant together due 1 month apart! Who would have thought?? I CANNOT wait to be an AUNT to her son! AHHH!

Fun in Indy

We moved!  WE LOOOOVE Indy.  And as we prepare for Baby #2 in our new home I know we made all the right decisions!

Annalise has officially started dance classes and she LOVES it. I can hardly contain my excitement since I was a dancer 🙂


We discovered GenCon was happening in Indy and so we raced down on the final day to check it out. We knew Annalise would love all the costumes and neither of us had been before. Instead of just walking around we ended up buying tickets to get in and we got to meet Marina Sertis who plays Deanna Troi on Star Trek Next Generation. And if you know us, we kinda like Star Trek. It is the only real people show Annalise watches from start to finish. And yes I got all weird and star struck meeting her. She was so sweet!
Our nephew Levi came up from Florida to visit for a few weeks. It was so fun showing him our fav places in Indy. He was such a huge help around the house and we cant wait til he comes back!
We are also closer to my in-laws lake house! We can now take day trips out there. Annalise is quite the fish in the water.
And we are closer to Chris’ family here. Chris has turned the 5th bedroom/bonus room into a Man Cave. He has a projector set up to watch movies, his office and all his instruments in there. His goal is to fill it up with a variety of instruments so our girls can go in any time and play whatever they want.


Speaking of music you know we have a concert schedule for the summer. Here we are at Incubus! We never miss them no matter where we live (even saw them in Hawaii).


For Chris’ birthday he went back and forth between a piano, keyboard, amp or drum set. Annalise got to tag along to help decide. (He ended up with an electric drum set so he can still play even though naps happen a lot at our house).


We are super close to Brittany and Ryan! We can cookout or have game nights any time. Here we are spending 3 hours learning how to play the Game of Thrones game for Brittany’s birthday. So. much. fun!


Last day of summer dance classes. I took a TON of pics and she starts back up in September!


Playing with the Washington boys!
Annalise saw her first parade at the Fishers Freedom Festival!


I mean, I think we are a pretty fun family.
Same dress, different festival! The CarmelFest was one of our favorites. And miss independent wanted to ride the pony with no parental security.
If this kid doesn’t like music it isn’t for lack of exposure! Dave Matthews Band was her first concert!
A glimpse into the future.

We have had so many fun cookouts at the new house for birthdays and just because! We love having friends and family so close and I know our big antique table will seat many more good times.

And I will just leave this here… Our princess daughter asking to play Zelda. Where does this attitude come from? 😉

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