I was blessed with another unbelieveable baby shower hosted by my “since birth” friend, Abbey.  Our parents took child birthing classes together and we were born a day apart at Christ Hospital (where I am delivering Annalise).  In first grade we ended up in the same class and I came home talking about my friend Abbey.  We’ve been friends ever since!

She opened her home to my Lawrenceburg friends and their mothers who watched us all grow up.  It was so much fun and I can’t thank Abbey enough for all the hard work and thoughtfulness she put into the shower!

The hostess with the food table which was amaaazing!
YUM! Loved those little veggie cups. Such a cute idea!


Owl cupcakes! What a hoot.


Bagel dip and a delicious chocolate chip cream cheese dip. To die for!


The cake! How adorable is this?? And the boobs were sugar free 🙂


Getting excited for everyone to show up!
Emma made a diaper cake and attached cute things off our registry. So talented!
Hanging out by the drink station… she made some incredible tea.
Jenny couldn’t make it since she lives in Maryland but she Skyped in for the entire shower on Emma’s iPad. Jen captured this moment when her mom arrived at the shower. So good to see one of my other moms!
The first game we played we had to come up with a baby related item for each letter on the bags. Then Abbey opened each one and if you guessed correctly you won! Kelcie was the winner of this one… she has some practice with baby things 😉
We also played a game to see who get match the most baby socks in 10 seconds. I love how Christina is holding Jenny on the iPad so she can watch too. 🙂 Kate was the winner of this one!
All the moms were really good at the sock matching game… They must have practice 🙂 Next we played a “fill in the blank” to finish the nursery rhymes and my mom nailed it. All those years of reading to us every night really payed off!
Miss Sophia and Miss Alexa were my little helpers when it came to opening gifts.
I looove getting books to read to Annalise!
Cute little outfit from Donna!
Such little bitty onesies and leggings. Hard to believe she will fit in something so tiny!  Thanks Kate and Cathy!
The famous owl stuffed animal that Alexa is in love with. She likes to hold it every time she comes over.
Morgan’s mom Edna made this quilt for Annalise! It is soooo gorgeous! How lucky is she?!
Alisha and Shelly really out did themselves. Anna will love this (and help her achieve her inner Einstein).
What a great groups of gals. We had a blast and I am so thankful for the many amazing gifts from everyone.
The moms! A huge thank you to them for making us who we are. And hopefully we will be half the moms they were to us 🙂
And one of my favorite photos from the day.  Looks like some little girl wanted a quick taste of the cake. Too funny.


Thank you Abbey for everything!  The games, the food, everything was perfect!  I couldn’t ask for anything more 🙂  Annalise is lucky to have an auntie like you!

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