On August 5th I headed to Indianapolis for my first baby shower.  I was so excited that I didn’t sleep a bit the night before.  I knew Lauren and Jaime had spent months planning it and I couldn’t wait to see all my friends and family in Indy.  I was absolutely blown away with everything when I walked in.  There was no detail forgotten and to think it was for my baby girl was so amazing.  I don’t know how I can ever pay them back for such a wonderful party.

Everything matched the invitations that were sent.
Everything was painted pink and little owls were everywhere!


Cute table.
Sweet Pea’s ultrasound photo! 
Jaime made homemade bath salts in adorable mason jars for everyone to take home.
Pink lemonade in jar with striped straws. They even put lace and ribbon around them. Too perfect!
Lauren getting the Cravings Bar set.
Sugar free cupcakes!

Showing my parents all the food. 
Jaime and Lauren tried to convince me that I had to wear an owl mask for the entire shower. Jerks 🙂
Then Lauren told me I needed to wear these owl PJ pants. I think they may be better worn coming home from the hospital than at the shower.
The hostesses with the mostesses in their matching dresses 🙂
Hanging out before the games. 
Here comes Jaime with pizza rolls on a platter.
For some reason Jaime and her pizza rolls had me laughing so hard I almost choked on my cupcake. But if you know Jaime you can only imagine what she was up to. 

For the first game, Lauren and Jaime handed out sheets of paper (that perfectly matched the decor of course) and had various baby related things listed down the side. We had a few minutes to write in an ‘A’ word associated with that word. ‘A’ for Annalise of course. i.e. Children’s book, baby name, etc. Whoever had the most creative answers for each one that no one else had, got a point. I called it that Molly would win and she did 🙂 
The next game we had to sample different baby foods and guess what they were.
It wasn’t everyone’s favorite thing to do. Ha!
Brittany reallllly wasn’t a fan. But Kim was a champ and got them all right. 
Then Chris came down from Jaime’s apartment (where the guys were watching old western movies and drinking beer) and helped open gifts. We were blown away with so many awesome things!  During the gift opening everyone played Baby BINGO and my niece Breanna won!
Like this quilt Kim made! I had no idea she had sewing skills like this. It is so special!
Our cousin Matt even showed up with this adorable play mat.  He walked in carrying it and said he couldn’t find a gift bag big enough.  So funny.
Brittany had such a thoughtful gift. She made homemade hand scrub and wrote the most amazing letter with it. I started to read it and had to have Chris read it aloud. It was really a cool idea and I will keep it forever.
We received so many cute outfits like this adorable organic owl outfit from Mallory.
Cute bathing suit from Donna.
Chris got his Baby Bjorn from Maggie! Chris has always wanted to be a dad walking around wearing a Baby Bjorn.
OMG Molly! How did you know I wanted this?!
I got a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag! I really wanted one but just couldn’t justify spending a lot of money on a diaper bag. And without even knowing that I wanted one Molly got it! And I love the pattern she picked!


I made it through the all the gifts without having to use the restroom. Emma thought it would be funny to take a pic of me as I waited for the elevator doing the “don’t pee my pants dance”.
My Indy girlfriends!
A HUGE thank you to Jaime and Lauren for throwing such a wonderful shower! You both are such wonderful friends 🙂
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