I’ve been back in Lawrenceburg for about 3 months.  I havent’t “lived” here since high school although my parents have lived in this same house for almost 30 years.  Lately everyone has been asking me what our plans are .  Quite frankly we have no permanent “plans” that are set in stone.

Currently we live in the top half of my parents house.  They remodeled while we were in Japan and it was a huge surprise.  We have a huge bedroom slash living room slash soon-to-be Annalise’s room.  It is a large L shape with a balcony.  Then we have a 2 sink large bathroom and a huge office with a view of Hidden Valley Lake.  Our space is probably double what it was in Hawaii and so far we love it.  I’ve made trips to Ikea to get some fun things to make it look more “us” and I sometimes pretend our little living space will be featured in some magazine someday (I’m a dreamer).  My parents are extremely laid back and awesome (those of you who have met them know) so the whole “sharing a house with your parents…gasp!” doesn’t really apply.  Plus we’ve lived in parts of the world where that is normal and Chris and I don’t really fall into regional stereotypes.  Chris and I have looked at rental properties around this area so if anytime we want to move out, I just say the word and Chris will get us house.  But signing a year long lease is even a bit too much of a commitment.  Because…

Our business allows us to be anywhere.  We work virtually from home and as long as we have internet, Skype and our cell phones we can operate from where ever.  Which is great but sometimes our options are overwhelming.  When we were in Canada on a business trip galavanting downtown and mingling among the city-folk I really wanted to move to a city… in a different country.  “Chris, let’s move to Spain! Or Greece!”  While that may be harder than it sounds to move to a different country (which trust me, it is) we may have an option in Canada over the next few years which would be cool.

When I am at my sister’s house here in Hidden Valley it makes me really want a home.  Her house is gorgeous, the kids playing the lawn, grilling out burgers… it is so much fun.  Although buying a house is something Chris and I definitely will do eventually… we agree it is a terrible option for us now. I sometimes have those “mom” instincts that we should buy a house since we have a baby coming.  But having to stay in the same place for 5 years minimum is not where we are in our life right now.  I have 5 years before Anna hits kindergarten and once that happens our family will stay put.  I am not a fan of making kids change schools.  So the next 5 years we can really do and see some cool things.

Then there is the Florida option.  Chris has a brother that lives in Bradenton, Florida.  I think that may be where we end up eventually.  The only thing now is that my dad doesn’t retire for a few more years and the thought of my parents being so far away really stinks.  But who knows!  My allergies have been absolutely awful since coming back to Indiana.  I was a different person in Hawaii… allergy free, very little asthma issues, healthy.  Now that I am back I feel like I am in a fog some days.  Chris and I agree that health comes first so we may be forced out of this area.

Aside from wanting to move to Europe or buy a house or move to Florida we still have the rest of the US as an option.  We’ve looked at northern California, Seattle, North Carolina and other places we think we’d love.  But with baby Annalise on the way I don’t want to venture too far from family.   Although if we want to do something like that, now is the time.  I know we will be staying in Lburg until the baby is born but after that we will just see how it goes.  Can  you tell by my writing I am torn in different directions?

Am I boring you?  I hope not but I want to blog where my head is while pregnant with Annalise (and yes my laptop is balanced between my belly and knees).  Then maybe she can look back on this someday and know she has the power to go and do anything she wants.  Here I am married, with an awesome career, 24 weeks pregnant and still not sure where my next adventure is.  But in the mean time…

We have mini adventures all the time.

I travelled to Teutopolis, Illinois to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of Lauren and Jordan.  Chris, Mark and I drove to Chris’ parents’ lakehouse and I left the boys there and went on the IL.  I had an amazing time even though I am quite pregnant.  I stayed with Stephanie’s family and they were so amazing.  Their house is beautiful set in a gorgeous landscape.

Lauren is getting MARRIED! Quick pic after her bridal shower which was gorgeous!
Jordan was hilarious opening gifts. He always had a comment about the different house-ware items.

After the shower we all met at the nail salon for pedicures and champagne!  Emily (Lauren’s sister) even had sparkling grape juice for me.  They are too, too sweet.   Then we went to dinner at a mexican restaurant.  Lauren opened her “less appropriate” gifts here.  Here 92 year old grandma enjoyed that 🙂 After we finished our margaritas (for some) we loaded up the party bus!  The party bus was a huge purple school completed with coolers, an ipod hookup with a million speakers and two poles in the center… not sure what those are for though.

Jaime and Steph didn’t have their seats yet when the party bus took off. Who am I kidding… they were dancing.
The bachelorette in her masquerade mask and sash dancing with Steph. This bar was probably my favorite. There was a live band and we danced to Rocky Top (which is a personal fav).
At about midnight I sent this pic to Chris. He was really concerned about me being up late and him not there to take me home if I needed to rest. I had to reassure him I was having a great time and hangin with the rest of the party girls.
At the end of the night infront of the party bus. Right before this I may or may not have done the Wobble on a moving bus as it barreled down country roads. I knew Chris (who is protective of pregnant me) would not approve of standing on a moving bus so I held on to one of those mysterious poles in the center of the bus so I didn’t fall.  When I told Chris about it, because it was so much fun and who would have thought I would Wobble at 1am while 5 months pregnant, he frowned.  He said “My most important job as a father is to keep my daughter away from stripper poles.  And her mother introduced her to one while she was in the womb.”  In my defense, it was for stability.

Meanwhile back at the ranch… I mean, lakehouse… Chris and Mark were having a great time doing man-things.

Like shooting bows and guns.
An ex-SWAT team member and pro-sniper… I wouldn’t come on this property uninvited.
Mark, Kaleo and Kelso took a dip in the lake.
Mark and Tom went fishing and forgot someone…
But Chris picked him up on the paddle boat so he felt included 😉
In other news, MARK IS HERE! He packed up his life in Cali, grabbed Kaleo and headed to the midwest. And from the looks of it… he likes it here 🙂 SO HAPPY HE IS HERE! 
Chris and Mark both have been exploring southern Indiana. They have scouted out a ton of places to fish that I didn’t even realize was here. So beautiful.
And they even catch fish some of the time!
And sometimes.. really big ones! This may end up on the fridge. Not the fish… the photo.
The fam eating lunch at the Cabana on the Ohio River. (Little dark)
Now for the BABY updates! 23 weeks pregnant!
One night around 9:30pm I ran into the office and proclaimed I needed white cake and white icing ASAP. I haven’t had many cravings honestly so Chris grabbed the keys and headed to Krogers 🙂 He took this pic while I was occupied with the cake making. 
Chris loved that my cousin’s baby, Sam, came to visit us! *Heart-melting*
I was having some back aches while working one day. Chris created my very own “pregnant massage table”. I could lay on my stomach and work! And he even rubbed my back before bringing in the laptop to help the aches.
A special moment when your dad and husband put together your baby’s crib.

I have waited my whole life to register at Babies R Us.  We didn’t get to register for our wedding which was fine because we didn’t need new plates and we lived on an island.  So when it came to registering for the baby I was so excited I almost peed my pants!  Well… I almost did anyways but that wasn’t necessarily from excitment.

We had front row parking!
Chris let me take the lead for the most part. But when it came to baby monitors, strollers and travel systems he was in control. Oh and he loved the Baby Bjorn. He has always said he couldn’t wait to be a dad rockin’ the Baby Bjorn. We laughed so hard me trying to put the different models on him. He decided on the light-saber shield aka the original Baby Bjorn.
I don’t remember how many hours it took to get half way through the store. But when I saw the gliders I had to take a break. 
Want to know which theme we went with for Annalise’s room? Pink owls of course! My sorority’s symbol is the owl so naturally we gravitate to all things “owl”. My amazing Kappa sisters have done so much for me- through school, during hard times, during happy times, flying out to the wedding and being right there with me on the journey of pregnancy. Everything they stand for and the types of women they are, is the exact type of woman I hope Annalise becomes someday.  It isn’t just a cheesy theme for me… its a way to remember all the women who have helped shaped me… and will help shape her.

Pregnancy Updates!

Wedding Ring:  I am still rockin’ that fake thin diamond band I found in hand-me-down maternity shorts.  For me, I just want a band to remind me how lucky I am that I am married to Chris.  I’m not interested in buying a huge fake rock.  I understand why a lot of women like to do that while pregnant. But wearing a used, mysterious fake band fits me perfectly.  It’s not about the ring, it’s about promise I have to an amazing man… and my baby daddy!

Aches and Pains: Mainly in calves and feet.  If I am on my feet for a long period of time they really, really hurt.  Luckily Chris is used to rubbing them in the evenings so I can sleep.

Movements:  She is very active.  But every time Chris puts his hand on my belly she still stops!  The doc said it won’t be long until she is so big that there is no way he can miss her strong kicks.

Special Moments:  Mom bought Chris a book called “Father to Daughter – Life Lessons on Raising A Girl”.  Mom cried in the store reading it.  I cry every time I read a page.  Each page is a different lesson and starts with lessons for when she’s born all the way until she grown up.  Here’s a few:

  • Tell her from day one that she can accomplish anything.
  • Let her sleep on your chest when she’s a baby.  This is when the world begins to make sense.
  • Remember, if you yell at a boy not to play with a wall socket, he’ll either stomp off or di it anyways.  A girl will cry.
  • When she babbles at you in baby talk, always respond with a positive: “Yes.” “Or course.” “You’re right” Soon enough, you’ll be telling her “No” all the time.
  • Always remember, she can do anything a boy can do.

Talk to her about what she wants to be when she grows up.  Continually reinforce the idea that anything is possible.


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  1. The book of life lessons on raising a girl makes me cry because I miss those days of raising our girls….And mostly because I was so blessed to marry the man that could have wrote that book. Wayne was the best father that anyone could ever imagine. He loves “his girls”. And so do I….

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