I was so excited to introduce baby Annalise Kathleen in the last post.  The process of naming your baby is such an important one and every couple does it differently.  When it came to the baby girl name we both loved “Anna”.  So we worked from there.  My grandma’s name is Annabelle, I was almost named Anastasia and we have a best friend named Annalise that introduced us.  We knew that we wanted the middle name to be Kathleen after my aunt that passed away from pancreatic cancer.  This is the first girl born into the family since she has passed.  We liked Anna Kathleen but wanted to jazz it up a bit.  So… Annabelle, Anastasia or Annalise… Hmm…  We both loved the name Annalise and so it was decided!  I am sure it will be confusing when I say, “Hey I’m going to grab a beer with Annalise” and my daughter is only 3 years old.  But I’m sure having a best friend named Annalise (who is an awesome woman) and a daughter named the same will be just fine.  😉

So what’s going on with me?  Well, I can’t really gauge spaces very well anymore.  At the grocery checkout I went to walk between the cart and the conveyor belt and my butt knocked over the magazines.  I got wedged between the front door and the recliner (another poor space-gauge).  I balanced cup of yogurt of my belly and yelled for Chris to come look.  I jogged up our sidewalk and stopped to figure out what was bouncing behind me… it was my own bum.  I walked downstairs in my favorite Butler teeshirt and it was so tight that my belly was showing at the bottom.  So what I am saying is my body is changing… fast.  And I am only 5 months pregnant.  Oye Vey.  But hey, everyone experiences pregnancy differently.  No one really talks about the difficultly of watching your toes gain weight or the sadness of replacing your wedding band with a bigger sized fake .  As a woman, it is soooo hard.    It can be almost depressing if you start to compare yourself to other preggos.  I’d be lying if I said I don’t let it get to me.  Chris is keeping me in check though… I am no longer allowed to say that I am fat or any body part is fat.  I am focusing on staying healthy and making a healthy baby.  *Deep breath* I will get through this.  I WILL get through this.

The Bra Story

“Alicia, let’s just go into Kohl’s and see what they have.”


“Alicia, please.  Let’s just go in.”

I found myself in the old-people-enormous-bra section of Kohl’s.  My frown must have looked like a 4 year olds as I looked at the flesh colored, lacy braziers made for someone 3 times my age.  I was NOT going to get one of these huge, ugly parachutes of a bra.  Not going to happen.  I ended up here because even my largest sports bra had boobs spilling out the top, the sides, the bottom.  Oh and this isn’t sexy.  Not at all.

I stomp around the aisles mad it’s come to this when a really nice, young woman asks me if I need help.  I tell her that I’m pregnant and it is time for a new bra but I don’t want one of these huge ugly things.  She was super professional despite my pity party I was clearly throwing.  She starts to showing me different styles and asks what size I need.  Heck if I know!  I was a 36C pre-pregnancy but clearly that isn’t working out anymore.  In the middle of this, my husband grabs an enormous lace-up bustier type nightie and yells across the room, “Honey!  Look!  This would look great on you!”  This was not the time to joke but how could I not giggle at Chris making a scene in the ladies’ bra department.  I continued to look at giant bras with the sales associate when Chris slowly peeks his head over the aisle holding up a giant leopard print bra.  “This is niiiiiiice!”  The sales associate doesn’t even look at him.  At this point I am laughing too but tell him to go away.  And for one final laugh he goes to the other end of the section and yells, “Alicia!  My creepiness factor is dependent on how far away from you I am in this section.”  I yell at him to go look at man-things and head into the dressing room.  Thank goodness I married a man with a sense of humor.

I try on the first bra then open the dressing room door angrily.  I am standing there with black cropped maternity pants up over my tummy and a bra that feels like it has a build in turtleneck.  The sales woman is super professional and tells me that I need a bigger size.  Excuse me?!  “You need a 40D.”  I raised my eyebrows and said, “Yeah, that isn’t going to happen.  I won’t wear a 40.”  She insists that I need to try it on and she will find one that isn’t complete coverage.  She also said, “Looking at you I would never think… wow that girl wears a 40.”  I guess I never think about other women’s bra sizes so I should assume no one will think about mine.  But still!  Chris starts to walk back and I tell him to leave.   This isn’t going well and I really didn’t want him making more jokes (although they really do make me feel better).  The lady came back and handed me a couple more bras to try.  I don’t know if it is normal to have a sales associate look at you in nothing but a giant bra and maternity pants but I didn’t really care.  We came to a compromise after several bras.  I had to go with the 40 since the underwire cuts into the top of my stomach (I am extremely short waisted) and it would be so uncomfortable but I went with a full coverage C cup so I didn’t feel so claustrophobic.  The D felt like it came up to my shoulders.  I was embarrassed to blog this story but when I told my sisters and mom this story they were crying from laughter and said that most women go through this and it is always funny (and comforting) to hear about each others experiences.

What else has happened in the past month or so?  A lot!  First, here are some pictures from our business trip to Toronto.  We had a really great set up with a gorgeous room and an office suite adjacent to our room.  We got a lot of work done and even had time for some sightseeing.  Our client even paid for us to stay through the weekend as a gift.  We are so lucky to work with such great people!  Here is a quick video of our office suite.

The view out our window.  I LOVE hotel rooms… like LOVE them.  Not sure why I get so excited by them.  But one night Chris came back to the room with cheese, crackers and alcohol-free wine for us to spend the night in our luxurious hotel room.  I’m pretty lucky he is fine staying in with his pregnant wife getting crumbs in the bed and watching reality tv 😉
Chris’ breakfast. He always gets the good stuff!
Chris hard at work during one of our breaks.  Isn’t he handsome?!
Downtown taking a stroll. 
Hmm… not sure what is acceptable here in Canada but that’s a little strange. 
No matter which country we are in… Native American bands seem to be there. There was one in the subway in Japan and now here in the square in Toronto.
Tried to do a little shopping. But I was pretty tired and my feet were swelling in my shoes. Dang.
Pretty awesome place.
The famous CN Tower


Instead of taking the same way back to Indiana that we took to get to Canada, we decided to take a different route and swing through Niagara Falls. We stopped at this place to get gas. It’s pretty sad both of us had to think about how to use an old pump like this. 
Chris and the mist
Love my new shirt from my bff Annalise!
Anyone down for a canoe trip?
I think baby Annalise likes traveling too 😉 
Howlin’ with the woofs.
Drove through Niagara, Canada. It looked like so much fun! We will definitely bring our kids here once they get about 8 years old.
Saying bye to Canada as we drive over the bridge to New York.

In other news, we’ve been busy back in the US!

We spent some time out at the lake house! 


The men (and Brittany) shot guns at Tom’s range he set up. It was pretty awesome. As an ex-SWAT team leader you should expect nothing less.


Welcome to ‘Merica


Now this is what I am talking about! Delicious spaghetti squash and salad!
If you haven’t made spaghetti squash you are missing out!


We love weekends at the lake! (I spent time reading 50 Shades of Grey, eating and sleeping)
Brittany was inducted into the Honor’s Society of Nursing!
Kelso enjoying rides in the CRVEX. His breath was horrendous.
Enjoying a beautiful Sunday with the kiddos!
Then Aunt Brittany got the idea of making their very own Slip N Slide
I enjoyed my first Almost-Mother’s Day! My awesome father-in-law made me pink waffles and they gave me pink roses. I also got the sweetest card from my friend Maggie. 🙂 Chris was his usual sweet self and got me a massage at Becoming Mommy!

Low Moment:  Standing in the bathroom naked in the most awkward and unflattering positions (like hands on my hips, belly out, knees bent) looking at myself when Chris walks in.  I might of even been giving the “duck face”… I am too ashamed to remember.

Hight Moment:  Chris loving my growing belly. And everything else.

Wedding Rings:  Due to the heat wave my swelling has been bad.  Both my legs swelled up after spending the day outside.  So instead of waiting until it is too late, I retired my wedding band.  I was so sad 🙁 But I found a fake wedding band in some hand-me-down maternity shorts and just put that on.  I don’t like the idea of not wearing my wedding band but it is better than having it cut off during the heat of the summer.

Baby Connection:  For some reason, now that I know the gender of Baby C I feel even closer to her.  I can talk to her by name and envision what she will look like or act like.  She will be a daddy’s girl but I bet she ends up having my personality… and Chris’ toes.

Things I’ve Been Thinking About:  Programs or opportunities for her to learn another language at a young age, how to decorate her room, mother-daughter trips to Europe, and beef jerky.

Next Place I Want To Go:  The ocean.  It is weird I can’t walk outside and be at Kailua beach.  I want Annalise to feel the ocean before she’s born.


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3 comments on “Baby Names, Boobs and Business Trips”

  1. I love the bra story. My mom had to go buy me some because I was not about to go do that alone. I was little ol 34A my entire life and blossomed into a 36C quickly. It was a nightmare. So I get it 🙂

    Ps I’m back to my 34A cup. I miss the C cup ladies. They gave me a womanly figure ha ha!

  2. I love the bra story! It further solidifies that I can never be preggos because I don’t even want to think what my 34 DDD’s would potentially become…yikes…it’s the stuff horror movies are made of. Keep smiling and stay positive about your looks! Your body might be changing, but you’re looking happier and more beautiful every time I see a photo of you! Plus, it’s a great excuse to be clumsy and wear some new, albeit fake, bling.

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