Dear Annalise,

Every day you do something new.  It is amazing how quickly you absorb things.  You can run any smart phone with ease and not like a baby banging on a phone.  We move your apps and you will swipe until you find what you’re looking for.  You’ve been able to do that since you were just shy of a year old.  You send people hilarious Snap Chats and even learned things about the PBS app that Daddy and I didn’t figure out. Like how to change the episode of each show (you are very particular).  You recently started talking to Siri by holding down the button then blabbering to her.  “I didn’t get that,” says Siri.  But she soon will.  You form new words all the time.  Last week you were barely interested in a “tracing numbers” app on the iPad but this morning you patiently traced the letter 9 all by yourself!  WOW!  Daddy was reading a magazine next to you and Elmo declared through the iPad, “YAY! You traced the number nine!”  Not bad for an almost 16 month old!  I hope I am not embarrassing you by saying how proud I am of you.  You just blow the best kisses and even pat our backs when you give sweet hugs and I want you to know you are the kindest and smartest baby I have ever known. This morning as I walked on the  treadmill I was jamming out to Sara Bareilles’ song Brave.  And I couldn’t help but see images of you in my head and how much you have grown and conquered.

So, I decided to throw up videos from the last 4 months (11 mos to 15 mos old) to share with you.

Dearest Annalise, I wish you all the wonderful things that come with new challenges. Be brave my little Anna Bear. Love, Mom


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  1. It has been awhile since I have read any of your posts and just as I have told you before you are a great writer & I just love reading your stories!!!!

    Your daughter is very very lucky to have you in her life. She will probably be as amazing as you when she grows up!!!

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