Dear Alisha,

You are probably reading this on your iPhone still laying in bed.  You are dreading that moment when your swollen feet hit the floor and the painful pressure that shortly follows as you push yourself upright.  These recently discovered muscles use to just make up part of your body.  Now you are aware of them every second of everyday.  The end is the most physically challenging but I promise you will bounce back.  The body is a crazy, glorious and unbelievable creation.

I want you to know how proud I am of you.  Doing anything while creating a life is more difficult than you lead on.  But you maintained going to work every day!  Through the worst all-day sickness (“morning” is a hoax), the aches and pains, the worrisome newness of just carrying & creating life at all times, while still being a co-worker, a friend, a girlfriend, a daughter, a sister and a granddaughter.  And you totally rocked it!  You may not feel like you did.  But you did.  You quietly were creating tiny fingers and beautiful eyes.  While you were staring in the mirror at your terrible hair day, you were feeding your little girl all the nutrients she needed.  While you were crying at a ridiculous commercial feeling foolish, you were giving your daughter the power of emotion.  When you were retiring your highest heels in the bottom of your closet, you were keeping tiny feet warm that will someday run barefoot in the grass.

Right now you have no idea when your daughter will decide to make an appearance.  You may feel fear of the unknown but what you need to remember is that you have been taking care of her all along.  You were giving her exactly what she needed this whole time!  And that will not change once your baby girl is here.  You are already an incredible mother.  There may be times you won’t know what to do.  But take comfort that there are millions of mothers that go through this every day.  And in that moment of slight panic you will somehow know what to do.

For the rest of your life you now have the most important job and precious gift.  You are now a mother.  I am so so happy for you and I know that your daughter is just waiting for the right moment to meet the woman who has kept her safe for so long and will continue to for all the days of her life.

You are loved.  You are special. You are Haddie’s mother.

With unconditional love,

The other Alisha… I mean, Alicia. 🙂

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