Dear Annalise,

After reading your favorite book, Where’s Spot (you always get so excited when you find him in the basket at the end), I snuggled you with your bottle while rocking in your chair.  Then I laid you in your crib on your left side.  Per usual you rolled over on your tummy with your tiny bum in the air.  The first time you did this I panicked because the doctor always checks to make sure you sleep on your back.  I’m your mom and I worry.  This time I didn’t stagger out with exhaustion and head in to get ready for bed.  Instead I just stood there admiring you.  How remarkable that you are mine.  I found myself holding my breath afraid that if I took a breath time would march forward.  I wanted to freeze everything.  Freeze your empty bottle on the night stand… freeze dirty clothes on the floor that you just love to pull out while giggling.  Freeze your tiny hands and tiny ears.  Freeze this little significant moment.  How did I get so lucky that of all the gifts God can give one person he gave me you.  My sweet Annalise, know that even when you leave home and go to sleep each night miles away from me that I will still be holding my breath overwhelmed with my love for you.

P.S. Today you stood up on your own and walked across the floor without me sitting with my arms open encouraging your steps.  I hope that I give you enough encouragement throughout your life that you will feel confident to take all the steps you want in any direction you want.  I am so proud of you.

All my love,


I wonder…
I can’t tell if you are just learning how to take objects and remove them from a container (developmental process) OR if you just enjoy watching me pick them back up? 😉
I could rock you for hours, sweet one.




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