We did it!  We Flash Mobbed Baby Eli by getting together online and raising funds to support him in his journey to a new heart.  For 48 hours we got as many people as we could to donate $10 using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and it was a huge success.  We raised $480 quickly and Eli now has a total of $1,931 in his Fundrazr account! We had 79 shares of his image on Facebook with a link to his fundraising page.  It was so fun to see his account going up and up.


I know his family is so thankful for all the donations and support.  If you missed his story on Facebook here it is:

On March 15, 2013 Danny & Kelcie Kleckner were diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) to an unborn baby boy at 21 weeks gestation. The second child to the Kleckner family. Older brother Lucas, extremely healthy, currently 2 1/2 years of age. Shortly after being diagnosed they chose a name for their second son. Eli James Kleckner. They call him EJ for short. Eli was born on 7/16/13 at 7:35pm, weighing 7.10lb and 21.25 inches long.


Eli was born at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati Ohio. Due to the severity of his diagnosis, he needed to be as close to the local heart hospital as possible. Kelcie got to hold her baby boy for a minimum of 30 seconds before he was rushed away to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.


Here is where Eli resides since birth. Eli had his first open heart surgery called the Norwood on 7/26 at just 10 days old. Things went very well. Unfortunately, on 8/2 Eli had an emergency surgery due his heart shunt clotting. They had to do another open heart surgery to repair what had happened. Eli recovered well. Weeks went by with great progression.


On 8/25 Eli suffered a severe blood infection called sepsis. This was crucial to Eli’s progression and it set him back very badly. Eli has remained on the breathing tube or ventilator since this sepsis infection occurred. They have tried multiple times to take him off but his lungs just aren’t able to sustain many days without it. He’s become very dependent of the ventilator to survive. Multiple lung collapse issues and fighting infections have take over Eli’s body.


On 9/28 it was decided that Eli’s quality of life was not getting better. His best option would be to get a heart transplant instead of moving forward with the remaining 2 surgeries associated with HLHS. Eli has been listed as 1A status on the transplant list.


With many ups and downs, he remains with us. Taking each day, one day at a time.

Keep up with Eli and his family here:

His Facebook Page

His Mommy’s Blog

His Fundraising Page  <– You can still donate!!!

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