On October 15, 2011… the party plane landed in Honolulu, Hawaii.  They were the first but not the last of a huge group of family and friends that came to spend our wedding with us.  There is not enough “thank yous” to give to these amazing people.  The love and support that they have shown us from miles away, overwhelmed us once they touched down here on Oahu.  It was a week I don’t think any of us will ever forget.  Over 40 people from all walks of our lives shared cars, meals, laughs and some crazy Hawaiian adventures.  I wanted to dedicate an entire post just to our friends and family that came out.  We know it wasn’t easy and most of you picked quarters out of your couches to be here.  But to have so many of you hug us and tell us that there was no way you would miss it, moved us.  Moved us in such a way that we don’t know how to repay you all.  Thank you for sharing all your stories with us, Ted’s Bakery breakfasts, endless Lava Flows, mopeds, cliff jumps, hikes gone wrong, dancing all night and an immense amount of love.  So before I blog about the bachelorette party and the wedding.  I dedicate this post to you all…

Before we get to our friends landing... check out this gem that posted to Facebook. Yep... those are my friends. Thanks, Molly 🙂
Emily and Kim caught a long flight out of Detroit before meeting up with the rest of the party plane in Arizona.
My Kappa girls in the airport!!!
I told the girls to do the "Shaka" which is the hang loose.... they took it as something else. Mom, don't Google the shocker. Please.
The minivan pulling into their condo at Turtle Bay!
Turtle Bay Resort
Trying to keep the Party Plane awake to get them on island time!
Edamame, nachos and Mai Tais!
Uncle Ted and Dad (brothers) scoping out Turtle Bay.
Emily finally got a Puka Dog (Sorry we talk about them so much)
Mike and Annie check out Waimea Falls!
Jaime, Steph and Lauren about to hop the Pineapple Express and take a tour of the Dole Plantation.
Chris's brother Brad and sister-in-law Melissa are... well.. I am not sure what they are doing hahaha
Mom and my aunt Maxine hangin on the beach!
Brittany and Aunt LaVonne posing outside our condos
The happily engaged couple enjoying dinner 🙂
Getting a quick paddle boarding lesson
Who is ready to paddle board??
Another great Groupon special-- the Mopeds! Molly, why is your helmet white??
Brittany in her element.
Of all the pics of these two... I chose this one.
Chris and I got to watch the girls paddle boarding. We felt like mom and dad cheering them on and giving them water.
Chris's brother Brian and sister-in-law Angie lounging on the beach
My beautiful Lawrenceburg girls!
Lava Flows were the drink of choice for the trip for sure!
Buying yummy things at the fresh market stand down the road from the condos.
Annie and Annalise making an appearance in black and white.
Best friends reunited!
Anna and Lauren taking a quick pic while mopeding. Apparently Annalise was quite the speedy driver and Lauren jumped a curb and almost took our a small Asian woman. :/
Cliff jumping was something everyone did at least once. Amanda is mid-air in this pic!
Chris and his dad and brothers 🙂
Breakfast at the Gillespie condo... where the door was always open. No really it was... we could have been robbed. Ha!
AZ!!!! He made the trip from Australia to be Amanda's date. He ended up part of our family. Here they are at Pearl Harbor!
Annie and her Dole pineapple ice cream!
Danny Party Rocke made it across the ocean to teach us new dance moves.
And there was some celebrity sightings! Terry O'Quinn from Lost and Hawaii 5-0! Amanda approached him with the line, "Excuse, my friend thinks she knows you from somewhere." He responded, "Yeah, we used to date." Love it!
Brian and the shave ice guy from Hawaii 5-0!
And this was the last sighting of Emily, Kim and Molly as they tried to find the Laie hike. Just kidding... but we almost lost them back there!

Now, you may have heard a rumor that a very special person made a surprise appearance.  And he definitely did surprise us.  But I am going to save that reveal for the wedding blog.

I hope you enjoyed some of the adventures our friends and family experienced.  We had a blast singing in the car and taking in the scenery with everyone.  It was so surreal to have so many people here at once seeing all the things we have talked about for a year.  I got a text from Jaime that still makes me smile…

Jaime: I get it.

Alicia: Get what?

Jaime: Why you live here.

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2 comments on “Friends and Family are Interchangeable Words”

  1. I seriously got tears in my eyes reliving that week from this post. That was one of the most memorable experiences of my life, and I was so glad I got to be there as you and Chris start your new life together. We love you sooo much Alicia!

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