Well, hello there old friend.  It has been quite some time since I have sat down to just write.  I have taken several months to focus on my family and I put this blog on the back burner until I could set aside some time to work on it.  I have some big ideas for the blog moving forward.  Mainly for my own self growth.  This blog has served as a source of inspiration for me.  I don’t think we ever reach such a height in our potential that we just stop aspiring.  I’ve been doing a lot of growing up since the birth of our daughter and I might as well share some of it here.  Although we do not have plans for a big move or spontaneous adventure, I do have some areas I’d like to write about surrounding our little life.  I don’t plan on making this a mommy blog although you will probably hear about my mishaps, things that made me laugh until I cried and little milestones by our precious daughter, Annalise.

Here are some things you’ve missed while I was away…

Annalise’s 1st Christmas was so much fun.
Annalise and daddy had matching outfits for our photo session. 😉


Daddy also danced around for everyone Christmas morning in Mark’s horse head. Nothing says Merry Christmas quite like a man in a horse head.


We’ve visited a lot of Aunties!

Gotcha Auntie Jaime!


Chris perfected his parenting skills… (he made this when Annalise was 1 month old)


First Easter…

So sweet!
And a tad bit rotten…

Moved into our new home…

Welcome home, Courtneys!


Annalise’s room!
Pic from our first morning in the new house.

Someone started to develop a personality.

Annalise “the sweet potato conqueror” Courtney

My best friend had a brain tumor, we got that sucker out and celebrated at the spa!  Peace out, brain tumor!

Don’t ruin our zen!

Little baby colds…

I cried through her sicknesses.


But she didn’t! 🙂

I focused on my health…

12 weeks of encouragement from my best friends during a Biggest Loser Challenge. Pounds lost, love of my self gained.

Annalise spent some quality time with her cousins.

TV time with cousin Alexa.


“Since she is littler than me does that make me the boss of her?” -Gabe, 5 yrs


Happy graduation, Shelby!


Poolside with cousin Rylee in Anna Maria Island, Florida!
Loved meeting her Florida cousins!

Thankful for my husband…

Back to the ocean. We seem pretty content here.


Hello handsome!


Random moments I was lucky to capture…

Bed time cuddles.


First time in the ocean smiles.
So many sweet smiles. Every time someone picks up an iPhone she smiles. Haha
Teaching moments.

I surprised Chris with tickets to see his BFF, John and Raquel in NYC for a long weekend 🙂

Chris having a blast in NYC!


John texted me pics of Chris through out the trip 🙂


And then I would text him back pics of me and Annalise.


Brittany graduated #1 in her nursing school and she got this as a graduation present from Dad…

So fun!

And our first family vacation to Anna Maria Island, Florida!

First family photo framed on our wall!

I’ll be back soon friends… this mama has a lot to say 😉

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