This week’s Mama Bear Approved focus is the “diaper arena”.  I will not be talking about specific diaper or wipe brands because each baby is different.  Annalise didn’t have any issues with particular diaper brands but I know some babies do react better with brand 1 vs brand 2.  Anyways, there are three other products that have made the frequent diaper changes a lot easier for me.

1. ZIP UP pajamas – Whaaa?! That has nothing to do with diapers you may say. Oh, au contraire madame!  A lot of the first year of your precious baby’s life will be in the middle of the night.  You WILL be groggy.  You WILL be saying inside, “WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GET UP FOR THE 8th TIME?!” and you WILL be changing that diaper with one eye open.  So! To make your life easier buy only zip up pajamas.  The button up ones will drive you batty.  Baby will be crying (and you might be too) and you will be attempting to button up 1,000 buttons while baby kicks and screams.  Sometimes you will end up with the “third leg” when you realize you buttoned it up correctly but baby’s left leg is somehow outside of the pajamas.  Do yourself a favor and get the effortless, gliding zip up pajamas!

photo 1
Zip up pajamas get a thumbs up from Annalise! A quick diaper change makes for a happier baby 😉


2.  Waterproof bum mats – Okay, so they are called Waterproof Multipurpose Sheeting, but I had to Google that to figure it out.  These little sheets of heaven go on top of your changing pad and prevent your baby from peeing on the changing pad cover and changing pad itself.  It is VERY important that these have a waterproof center to them (such as vinyl).  I have some that are just cloth and Annalise peed right through it and I had to change her clothes, the cover and disinfect the changing pad all at around 3am with my hair matted to my face via drool.  Not pretty or fun for anyone.  If she pees during the diaper change and there is a waterproof vinyl bum mat under her then I just toss it aside and grab and new one and proceed with caution.

photo 2
A small but significant part of the diaper changing arena.


3.  An easy to access changing pad in your diaper bag- I am obsessed with my Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag.  There are tons of reasons why I love it aside from it being backpack style and not so hard on my shoulders.  And in this post I want to show you how great it works when I am not at home (like in public. ugh. restrooms).  I can easily swing the diaper bag onto the public restroom changing table thingy.  With one hand I can unzip both sides and unravel my own clean pad for baby to lay on.  Some places offer paper towel like things to put down for your baby to lay on.  That is not easy to set up and/or distract baby from trying to grab at it (or Annalise’s favorite past time- shred it).  This particular diaper bag lets me easily zip it back up.  Once I am home I can take it off via velcro and wash it in the washing machine.  Easy peasy!  P.S. it also comes in handy if I have to change her at someone else’s home, in the car and pretty much anywhere.

photo 3
Step 1: Swing onto changing table (hey, I don’t have time to go to a public restroom to take pics. Hang with me here.)
photo 4
Step 2: Unzip both sides and lay baby down.
Step 3: Take the pad off when you get home and wash it!
Step 3: Take the pad off when you get home and wash it!

I hope these three tips save you some time during the many hours you will spend in the diaper arena.  Links to products are in pink above in case you want to check them out online!


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