So, I bought my first mom jeans and they are glorious.  I got them from Old Navy so I can’t be too far off the cool spectrum.  I wish I would have been buying high-waisted pants my whole life.  I pulled them up higher than normal and showed Chris, “Look at this! Everything is in the right place!  I look freakin’ great!”  Now while I was trying to be funny with my Urkel impression I secretly rejoiced in my new found hot pants.

Recently I started up Weight Watchers again to get me through the holidays without going off the rails on the pumpkin pie train.  I went to two Thanksgiving dinners (one I hosted, high five!) and had a birthday celebration that included a plethora of cheesy, bacony appetizers.  Despite the temptation to stuff myself like a turkey I stayed within my points and I lost 3 pounds over the Thanksgiving week. Say whaaaa???  This is a new awesome for me.  Not because I lost so much (3 lb is my max for a week or it won’t sustain) but because I was in control, not the food.

I also do before and after pictures when I am doing a challenge.  Since I try and lose weight steadily and not starving to lose 10 lbs in a week it is sometimes hard to notice results.  This time I had Chris take the before pics for me.  Since I am doing for accountability, I upload a photo of what the scale reads along with a full body shot (no worries, I am the only one who can view those pics).  Chris went to take the photo of the scale and I yelled, “No way, Jose!  You don’t need to know what that says!”  And without reservation he took the photo anyways.  I had a brief moment of panic.  I always confide in him how much I’ve lost or gained but never mentioned how much I actually weigh.  (Except when I tipped in over 200 pounds the week I gave birth.)  That decision he made to take the photo really nailed into my head that he really, really doesn’t care.  He is totally supportive of my veggie overloads and yoga and Weight Watchers calculator.  Although, he really, really dislikes the fiber bars I eat.  If I hear, “STOP. BUYING. FARTY BARS!” one more time… No, I’m still going to buy them.

I wanted to show you all this photo.  I think this is genius and something everyone should see.  Everyone in this photo weighs the same thing.  They all weigh 150 lbs.


A number is a number.  We learn what a healthy number is for each of us and we learn where we feel the best.  I’m not feeling my best yet but I’m sure I will get there.   And with a little help from my mom jeans I am going to look hot this holiday season!

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