If there is one thing I could wrap up in a tiny box and give my daughter, it wouldn’t be a blank check or keys to a mansion. It would simply be happiness. Every little girl starts her journey in life with hopes and dreams and messy morning hair. She wears mismatched clothes because she can’t wear her Dora shirt without her Princess pants and glittery opened toed shoes with one Olaf sock and one My Little Pony sock. Because she loves. She loves all things deeply and without reservation. She hasn’t learned shame or what it feels like to not fit in. She isn’t even aware that her clothing has a size. Right now she knows that she wants her mommy in the middle of the night and needs her daddy when she skins her knees. She loves to catch bugs, be licked by dogs and put sand in her hair. She doesn’t realize that she will need to rely on what her parents tell her now so that she can remember who she is later. She will be confident. She will be kind. She will be beautiful starting from way down deep inside of her heart. With the help of those around her, she will blossom into exactly who she is meant to be.

Sometimes you want to wear your Minnie robe at lunch.
And make homemade pizzas on the floor with daddy and your pony.
You love playing in your ballet studio and creating your very own imagination station.
Your first microscope! Starting to foster science and learning. Your curiosity gives us a whole new perspective on seeing life for the first time.
The aftermath of your 2nd birthday party. Cousins playing the WiiU on a lazy morning.

And even after a what was supposed to be a nice dinner…(where you spilled your milk on the floor, my eye swelled up from an allergic reaction, we had to move tables because the freezing air conditioner was blowing our hair back, you refused to stay in the high chair and we just scarfed down our food so we could leave) we walked outside to a guy playing guitar (who happened to look exactly like Andre from The League– fedora and all) and we decided to sit down and take a breather. ¬†And you danced making us forget all that seemed wrong that evening. <3


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