I’ve had my eye on the calendar for August 25th for a long time.  It was the day of my 3rd and final baby shower hosted by my sister, Christina.  I’ve kept Annalise’s room somewhat organized but just kept thinking that I would finish everything after the final baby shower.  Plus I was excited because meant I was about a month from meeting my baby girl.  Now I am sitting in the baby room surrounded by mounds of gifts thinking how soon this room will be filled with baby giggles, poopy diapers and late night cuddles.  We are almost there!

The cake table was so cute! The little cake on the left was sugar free and the cupcakes in the tower had porcelain babies and other cute toppers. If you notice the table cloth is the theme of the baby room! How Christina found decorations to match is beyond me… although it is Christina.
I want to put these in her room somewhere but Emma and Jenna convinced me that her baby book would suffice 🙂
There were cute candies, wine made by Chris’ parents, rainbow suckers, Aunt Lavonne’s famous chicken salad and so much more!
Leann made these adorable hamburger cookies. Vanilla wafers, icing and thin mints. To die for!
Best friends since middle school 🙂
Hanging out waiting for the games!
First game: I carried around a tray of baby items and everyone was told to pay close attention because they would be writing as many things down as they could remember. Then I left the room and they were asked what all I was wearing. I was thinking the headband and dolphin necklace would give it away. Deanna won this game guessing 8 things I had on!
The other hostesses, my nieces Mallory and Alexa. They passed out all the baby bottles filled with apple juice. The first person to finish the bottle won! 
Go Aunt Maxine Go!
Linda almost pulled a win.
Go Christina!!! Haha… I loved this game. Lyn totally won followed closely by Sue and Linda.
The 3rd Game: Put a balloon under your shirt, a poker chip between your knees and waddle to the mason jar and try to drop the chip in.  It was so funny to watch!
The final round came down to Maxine and Emma. And Maxine reigned champion!
Miss Alexa helped us open gifts. She is the best little helper.
Annalise got her first Bible stories book! And it included an audio CD. Thanks Lohree and Terry!
Aunt Lavonne had a blanket personalized with her name and matching the room decor! And she wasn’t happy with the trim so she redid it herself 🙂 
Christina made a million custom burp clothes and matching blankets! I don’t know when she sleeps! So cute!
A bracelet from my Aunt Maxine. It really, really meant a lot to me.
Sue MADE this cradle from scratch! I can’t wait until Annalise puts her babies to sleep in it… if I even let her play with it 😉 
We are sooo close to meeting our Annalise Kathleen!

I can’t express how thankful Chris and I are to have three amazing baby showers and so many people who care about our daughter.  Christina really out did herself with the shower.  Everything from the yummy punch to the hilarious games were perfect.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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