Operation Liberation

By Alicia Courtney

We are officially Hawaii bound!  We have decided to leave our comfy life we have built here in Indianapolis and take a huge leap of faith. Wait…what?! You guys are moving?  To Hawaii?? Deep breath… proceed. Once Chris and I realized we wanted to spend the rest of lives together (which was what… date number […]

So it begins…

By Alicia Courtney

Christopher’s version: We sold the house, sold our cars, sold our shit, packed a couple bags and bought a couple one-way tickets. Alicia’s version: Well, first you have to understand that I’m on my period and I just got done talking to my mother… (lots of words) Nov. 16th around noon.

Our Engagement

By Alicia Courtney

When Chris and I first started dating he told me to pack a bag (with a swimsuit) but wouldn’t tell me where we were going. We ended up at his parents’ lake house where I told him it was the best night of my life… A few months later when we were back at the lake […]

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