The In-Betweeners

By Alicia Courtney

Taking care of business, answering phones and checking your mail.

I feel like there are a lot of us out there.  The women that had extraordinary childhoods with incredible mothers who told us we could rule the world.  The hardest part for me becoming a mom was the absolute fear that I wouldn’t be as good as my mom.  It was/is terrifying.  My mom decided […]

Flash Mob Baby Eli

By Alicia Courtney


We did it!  We Flash Mobbed Baby Eli by getting together online and raising funds to support him in his journey to a new heart.  For 48 hours we got as many people as we could to donate $10 using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and it was a huge success.  We raised $480 quickly […]

Mama Bear Approves: Diaper Arena

By Alicia Courtney

photo 4

This week’s Mama Bear Approved focus is the “diaper arena”.  I will not be talking about specific diaper or wipe brands because each baby is different.  Annalise didn’t have any issues with particular diaper brands but I know some babies do react better with brand 1 vs brand 2.  Anyways, there are three other products […]

7 Ways to Fill Up Your Cup

By Alicia Courtney


This post is mainly for women and I say that because I am one (and I don’t see men doing a lot of these things though I totally support it).  We as women are givers.  And givers, and givers and givers (GASP FOR AIR) and givers and givers…  Not just within our families and friends […]

Dear Annalise, Happy 1st Birthday!

By Alicia Courtney


Dear Annalise, You are 1 year old today!  WOW!  I can’t even begin to describe how much joy you have given us this first year.  From your first smile to your amazing dance moves, I have never loved someone so much.  Lately you’ve been singing to the radio (you’ve always gotten mad if we aren’t […]

Share Music

By Alicia Courtney


I decided to get a little creative with the send someone music Inspire Challenge.  My friends and I use the app Snap Chat to send funny photos or videos to each other.  Or just to stress how tired we are [insert photo of head on desk].  But this time I hit some of my friends […]

Bring a Co-worker Coffee

By Alicia Courtney


My co-worker happens to be my husband and he doesn’t like coffee (because he was born on a far away planet apparently) so I had to improvise.  Instead of bringing him a cup of coffee, I brought him his favorite energy drink.  These things are quite addicting so be prepared if you try them   […]

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