Win (2) VIP Tix to Chateau Ste. Michelle Event in Cincy

By Alicia Courtney


Alright, Cincinnati!  Time for another contest and this time it includes WINE & MUSIC!  This Thursday, Chateau Ste Michelle Winery (one of my favorites!) is hosting an event to celebrate Cincinnati at the Malton Gallery.  Here are the deets! What: Chateau Ste. Michelle is bringing Cincinnati’s Chateau to life. The winery will be pairing great […]

Inspire Challenge: Week 4

By Alicia Courtney

Inspire Challenge Wk4

We’ve made it to the final week of the Inspire Challenge for the month of September!  Only five more challenges to complete your month of making other people smile!  So here they are without further ado… 1. Send an unexpected thank you:  You can call it, text it, Facebook it to someone from your past, […]

Visit Someone

By Alicia Courtney

lunch with gparents

Today I met my mom and grandparents for lunch.  My grandpa especially loves spending time with Annalise. (Remember how we added a second middle name, Arizona, to Annalise’s name after grandpa’s mom?)  And Annalise loves to hug on Papaw and give him sugar Annalise goes with my mom every Tuesday to see them and on […]

My Diary: Germany 2006

By Alicia Courtney


Found my diaries from my study abroad in Germany in 2006.  This entry comes from my 9th day in Eltville, Germany.  I stayed with my friend Kelly and his daughter Alyssa prior to heading to Dusseldorf for my program.  While he went to work I had time to go on adventures alone.  Prepare yourself for […]

Thank Someone in the Military

By Alicia Courtney

photo 3

We are so honored to have THREE immediate family members serving or that have served in the military.  My sister, Christina, my brother-in-law, David and my brother, Mark.  So, to say THANK YOU for all they have done (including all three of them serving during war time) Annalise made them medals!  We will be mailing […]

Device Free Dinner

By Alicia Courtney


Last night Chris and I just had to get out of the house.  It had been one of those days.  So we went out to dinner and despite all the chaos going on we put our phones away and not let anyone or anything interrupt our dinner.  Not using our phones to constantly respond to […]

Having Confidence Despite the Internet

By Alicia Courtney


Confidence doesn’t come easy for me.  Some people seem like they are born with it and some of us have to work at it.  Then the internet showed up (specifically social media) and things got a little harder for everyone. Instagram filters made blue eyes bluer.  Facebook counted the number of “friends” you have. Twitter […]

Sign a Petition

By Alicia Courtney

Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 2.55.51 PM

For today’s challenge I decided I was going to sign a petition.  Problem was, what do I sign?!  I am not particularly political (Chris is political enough for the both of us), I support a lot of ideas and ideals but to sign a petition for an actual ACTION is tough for me.  I need […]

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