Inspire Challenge: Week 3

By Alicia Courtney

Inspire Challenge Wk3

Alright everyone, we had another successful week of making people smile and we are EVEN MORE geared up for this week!  (It goes without saying, but thank you a million to everyone who send me their stories! YOU keep me going!) Here’s your new Inspire Challenge for this week!   1.  Feed a friend – […]

Inspire Challenge: Clean Something!

By Alicia Courtney


Ugh… cleaning.  Something that never ends for me.  I pick up the living room only to turn around and have Cheerios all over the carpet.  Or I get my office straightened up and then after a crazy brainstorming session I have stuff everywhere (including salsa… how does that always happen?!) But despite my constant cleaning […]

Mama Bear Approves: Bedding Tip

By Alicia Courtney


I am starting the Mama Bear Approves series with a video tip for expectant mamas.  This is advice I like to share with my friends and family so I thought it would be a good way to kick off the series!   If you’d like to see my Pinterest board I created while pregnant with […]

Dear Annalise, Wear Your Retainer

By Alicia Courtney


Dear Annalise, Oh there are so many little lessons I want to teach you.  But instead of being nebulous and saying things like “reach for the stars”, “make good choices”, etc. I want to give some clear advice today.  Although, I will give you vague advice sometimes like “don’t stress about your failures” because it […]

Inspire Challenge: Week 2

By Alicia Courtney

Inspire Challenge Wk2

Wow!  How amazing that we collectively touched so many lives last week.  I know you made people smile last week.  And that is what this is all about, right?!  A huge thank you to all of you that posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!  I know it was hard to see everything people were posting […]

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