I am working on my 32nd week of pregnancy.  Out of 40!  It is flying by.  I can’t believe it is the beginning of August already.  She can come at the end of September.   I’m so excited 🙂

I really don’t have many complaints as late.  I am feeling good, definitely not as tired as the 1st trimester and not as emotional as the 2nd.  I am having trouble sleeping but we all knew that was coming. But guess who showed up to the pregnancy party?  Stretch marks.  Fo real.  Annalise has been hanging out of the left side so they are only on my left side.  Seriously??  I am starting to get a few on the right side now because I’m sure she is concerned about symmetrical stretch marks.  When I showed Brittany she said, “Oh those?  Those aren’t stretch marks.  Those are tiger stripes!”  Hilarious.  It is a tad annoying because everyone tells you to use a different product and how they steered clear of the dreadful stretch marks.  I did everything I was supposed to including the expensive lotions and they still made an appearance.  It’s not like I was wanting to enter a bikini contest any time soon so I’ll just take my uneven tiger stripes as a reminder that she prefers the left side.  😉

Our business has been going great!  I’ve been working an online venture for about a year now and we have a launch creeping up in the near future.  It will be cool to see something I’ve put so much time and energy into finally be live for everyone to see.  Plus my friend Kim was brought on a couple months ago and she loves working with us on it too.  Chris has been working outrageous hours.  Our client in Hawaii is 6 hours behind so sometimes he is up til the wee hours of the morning working on those projects to turn around first thing in the AM to work on our other clients.  Luckily I am only working 40 hours a week now with flexibility to work into the evening if I want to sleep in a bit in the AM.  We have a crazy life but it works for us.  Chris can sleep when the baby comes right?  Oh wait… ha!

Here is what we’ve been up to since the awful week we had mid-July.  Things have been going smoothly and I’ve been waddling my way to the lake house, a best friend’s wedding and getting the nursery ready!

Chris introducing Annalise to Nirvana via documentary. 
Travel system shopping. Mark and Chris took out each stroller/car seat system and tested them for various things.  Which led to them laying out their favorites and ordering them. They were so, so serious about this. They examined the wheels, how compact they broke down, weight and who knows what else. I think I visited the restroom twice during this analysis. 

Chris doesn’t enjoy attention and especially on his birthday. Poor guy had so many “celebrations” with various friends and family this year. It became a joke that every day for 2 weeks we’d wish him happy birthday and hand him a beer or a card. I don’t have any photos from all those mini-celebrations but I thought I’d say…. Happy 31st, Chris!

Me and the girls went to Triple Cats in Harrison for a little trivia night. And out of 8 teams we WON! It was so much fun. One lady kept yelling at us for “cheating”. My comeback (in my head of course) was “I’m sorry a college degree is considered cheating!” That was so mean… and I didn’t even say aloud but in my head I let her have it! (And yes we were photo bombed by Bill)

On Friday, July 20th we headed to Indianapolis to pick up Miss Amanda from NYC!  We hadn’t seen her since the October before we left for Hawaii when she came to visit for Butler homecoming!  It was soooo good to see one of my very best friends.  After we picked her up we headed to Scotty’s Brewhouse on the northside and met up with Molly and Steve for dinner.  We had such a great time!  Then we headed off to the lake house for the night since it was half way to Effingham where the Esker/Fowler wedding was happening!  We had an incredible breakfast on the deck made by my father-in-law (as always) and then headed to Teutopolis/Effingham to meet up with our other sorority sisters and friends!

I didn’t get a group shot at the church so I “borrowed” this from Lauren’s sister’s Facebook 😉 Lauren looked unbelievable!
Cheers to drinks before the Fowler reception!


Father-daughter dance. I cried.


First dance!


Cutting of the cake. They were nice and didn’t smash it in each other’s faces.


Kappa love at Lauren’s wedding!  
Stephanie and Patrick at the reception. Steph looked so beautiful.


Gorgeous Amanda 🙂


This is her “I ate an entire cheese plate” face. Okay, maybe she didn’t eat an entire cheese plate but I think our table had about 6 cheese plates we “acquired” over the course of the evening.


Amanda wanted to dance and the rest of us were tired. My husband is always down to cut a rug.


When the DJ played “ABC” by the Jackson 5 the dance floor cleared. That’s when Chris grabbed my hand and made me dance with him. Yep just the two of us breaking it down. I love that he could care less about people watching us and I giggled the entire time. 🙂

That night me, Chris, Lauren and Amanda all stayed in a room at the hotel.  It was a lot of fun.  We all then met for brunch with all the Kappas before heading home.  I was soo soo happy to see Laurie and James.  I haven’t seen them in such a long time!  We then loaded up the CRV-EX (pronounced cervix) and headed back to Indy to stay with Jaime.

Trying out the mirror in the CRVEX so we can watch the “kids” in the back seat on the way back from dinner at our favorite restaurant La Piedad in Broad Ripple.  I think Chris was practicing his “I see you” dad face.

Chris seems to think that my group of friends are just as entertaining as the actresses in Bridesmaids and even picks out who is who while watching it.  I think he came to this conclusion after spending a night in a hotel with us and then again when we spent the night at Jaime’s.  🙂  I’ll take that… we are quite the group.

In other news….

We had a terrible storm that caused a lot of damage. Chris and Mark headed down to a neighbor’s house to help with a tree that just missed her house.


In our bedroom we have a “nook” area that I use currently as my office space. During our renovations we bought a smaller desk for me (I just need room for a lap top), a mini fridge and then turned this corner into my reading nook for baby A! Two of the pictures were gifts from Molly that are super special, the one in the middle and on the book shelf were handmade by Brittany, the puppy is her first stuffed animal from Laurie and James, the blanket from my cousin Shannon, the glider from my cousin Leann and all the books were my childhood favorites! Lots and lots of meaning and love in this little corner of our world.


Emma came over to hang out while I organized things.  She told me to “take the picture” and I thought she meant to take her picture… She apparently meant to take the pic from her so she could hammer the nail. How was I supposed to know?! (Thanks, Laurie and James for the awesome ‘Courtney’ picture you gave us for our wedding!  It looks great coming up the stairs!)
Speaking of my new desk… I told Chris I wanted to try and put it together. I’m totally handy like that. Well… this is far as I got before I went downstairs to wait for Emma to come over. Hey, I started it.
I told myself I wasn’t buying anything until after all of our baby showers. Then I found this.
And we made it to 31 weeks! 31 out of 40! Almost there. And the maternity shirt is a gift from my bff Annalise. Thanks, I love it!
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  1. Oh man the CRV-EX?? I laughed until I just about cried. That’s awesome. You look amazing! I’m glad your horrific week is behind you.

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