Well, hello there week 16.  So glad you showed up!  I am FINALLY feeling back to my old self.  Don’t get me wrong… I still love my sleep and I really look forward to days that my Google calendar have nothing planned.  But I am ready to start to exercise again.  If you haven’t noticed from all my baby bump pics, I am going to have a belly baby for sure.  He/she wants to be known already (I wonder if the baby gets the need to be the center of attention from me or Chris? Hmm).  My doc told me that pregnancy is a 5k but delivery is a marathon so I should plan accordingly.  My older sister is a workout-aholic but when she was pregnant she just couldn’t do much physical activity.  Which makes me feel a little better because for these first 16 weeks working out sounded pretty much like a root canal.  But this week I am giving it a go.  I am putting on my hot pink sneakers and hitting the pavement one step at a time.  Just last night I did over two miles rocking out to my favorite tunes.

I’m also going to start prenatal yoga.  I’ve always been pretty flexible but I can already feel myself tightening up from lack of stretching.  I was in a really bad car accident in high school and I had 4 fractures in my hips.  The doctors then told me that childbirth shouldn’t be a problem for me.  But recently my back right hip has been killllllin’ me.  (That is where the large fracture was).  My x-rays say that it healed nicely but we fear I have coddled that side of my body since the accident causing my muscles not to be as strong as my left.  So I am breaking out that yoga mat and stretching and exercising those muscles as much as my new body can handle.  I want to try Prenatal Yoga with Shiva Rea.  Anyone ever tried it before? I would love to get some feedback.

Speaking of yoga I was in the “Downward Dog” for those of you who do yoga and was having Chris lightly push back and forth on my hips (for those of you who don’t do yoga this probably sounds a bit too personal.  Trust me.  It was yoga.)  Problem is this trimester has turned me into a human whoopie cushion and… well… let’s just say I don’t think Chris is going to help me with that anymore.

16 Weeks! Finally feeling well enough to start exercising again. 🙂

Like the sneakers?  I bought those in Japan on the Navy base.  I had taken a few weeks off from running since we were moving from Hawaii so I bought these sneaks then hit the gym on base.  I did 3 miles on the treadmill easy peasy.  It was like winning the Boston Marathon for me.  2 weeks later I turned up preggo.  But I’m not ready to lose these hot kicks yet.  I may be walking for now but I think they are the perfect “Don’t hit me!” shoes.  ‘Cause you can’t miss me in those!

Along with my new found energy was our 16 week appointment … here is a quick video of Baby C’s little heart beat at our check up.

Friday was our 6 month anniversary!  Hard to believe 6 months ago we had all our friends and family in paradise with us for the best celebration of l.o.v.e ever (well, that is just my personal opinion of course).  For the past three nights I have had dreams that we go back to visit and just stay.  :/  Anyways, back to Friday!  I went to lunch with my mom and she wanted me to poke my head in the N*K Salon.  The owner, Nasser, had done some of our friends hair, my moms and my sisters.  Nasser walks around the corner and says, “I have time for you, sit down.” Well… okay!  It took Nasser exactly 1 hour to foil, shampoo, blow dry, cut and style my hair.  ONE HOUR!  That is crazy!  I usually have to block 3 hours at minimum.  When he was done he said, “Oooo girl you look sassy!”  Which is exactly what I wanted to hear.  Mom played on my phone while I was in the chair and snapped this photo and posted it to my Facebook.

How adorable is this salon? And he is pretty fabulous.


Mom still had my phone 🙂 But you can see the side view pretty well.

Then we headed to the grocery store so I could pick up a few things (like saline nasal spray, Benedryl, the usual Indiana must-haves) and decided to make up a basket of all of Chris’ favorite things.  Earlier I had called some Bed and Breakfasts to see if I could get a last minute deal but the one I wanted was booked. Dang it!  When I got home Chris had been on consecutive conference calls all day.  I was so excited to surprise him with my basket-o-goodies and new hair-do but he was still on the phone.  I patiently waited then as soon as he was off I jumped around the corner.  He loved it everything from my sassy hair to his Hoegarden beer. 😉

I then had to work for awhile since I spent an hour longer at lunch than expected.  Once I had finished my work day we got ready and headed to Maggiano’s for dinner courtesy of my bff Morgan Hughes.  She sent us a happy 6 month card with a gift card.  So thoughtful… can’t wait for her wedding this fall!

It is amazing how nice people are to pregnant women.  At the restaurant the waitress said she had a sparkling Bellini on special.  “OOO! Are those non-alcoholic?!”  She said no but she could make a really good frozen one without alcohol.  I’m in!  She even brought it in a special glass for me to celebrate the baby.  So sweet!

Happy 6 months wedding anniversary and 17 weeks pregnant! (And I just got Instagram.  Am I doing it right?)

We had such a great night laughing, talking and dancing to terrible, terrible rap songs on the way home.

Although 6 months is pretty impressive.  My parents may have taken the cake.  The celebrated 33 years of marriage on Saturday.  When I went downstairs Saturday morning I said good morning then my parents started whispering loudly.

Dad: She doesn’t know does she

Mom: I can’t believe our daughter forgot

Dad:  Today is such a special day and she doesn’t reme…

HAPPY 33rd Anniversary MOM and DAD!

Dad: Well, Thank you!

For those of you who know my parents they are definitely one of kind.  I’ve learned a lot about marriage, relationships, God, positivity, kindness, acceptance and so much more from them.  What makes me the happiest though is that so many of my friends have been able to spend time with them and see that too.  If Chris and I can be half the married couple my parents are then we will be juuust fine.  Some people have asked us, “You live in the top half of your parents house?  How can you stand that?!”  Those people obviously haven’t met my family.  In Hawaii many families all live together and certainly in Japan.  Our mentally has not only shifted but it is easy when you have such awesome parents.  (The sweet view from our office didn’t hurt either 😉 )

They got all ready to go for their hot date and asked me to take a pic before they headed out.  I knew they were going to dinner and a movie but mom had a couple wine bottles in tow.   With them, nothing would surprise me.

Happy 33rd Anniversary!

My parents met on a blind date, were engaged 3 months later and married within the year.  They spent the first 7 years of their marriage having fun and taking random trips before bringing me into the world.  For their honeymoon they packed warm and cold clothes and set out without knowing their destination.  Dad would ask, “left or right” until they ended up at Niagara Falls.  I think that is where I get my spontaneity from.

What else have we been up to?  Chris has been hitting the driving range lately and picked up some fishing gear.  One evening Chris and Kelso were fishing and mom, Alexa and I decided to go on a walk and stop and say hi.  Chris hadn’t caught anything all evening… Alexa took a turn reeling it in when she caught a fish!  Chaos ensued as Alexa was reeling the fish, Kelso tried to jump in the lake, Chris went to help Alexa… but in the end check out this bass!

She wasn’t quite ready to unhook the fish herself yet. If you are wondering what is around Chris’ waist, it is Kelso’s leash so he didn’t chase a duck or something. I’m afraid he may do that to our child someday. Ha!

Speaking of Alexa, how adorable is she?  I love living close to my niece and nephew!  I especially love getting her off the school bus and hearing about her day.  One day this week I asked her if I could take her picture to send to my friend Lauren who LOVES sparkly things.  She immediately headed outside and struck a pose.

1st grade never looked so good!

While this week brought anniversaries, bass fish and Bellinis there is just so much to celebrate.  I am close to my family again, I am becoming more active AND We have a healthy (and adorable) baby.  Did I mention my husband is still the most amazing blessing in my life?  If you see him this week, give him a hug for taking such good care of me.

And if you see some hot pink sneakers whizzing around Hidden Valley, honk!

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