For today’s Inspire Challenge I had a list of people to thank a mile long.  On even given day I have a million people doing nice substantial things for me and my family.  And I try to thank them as often as I can.  Then I realized that today I should thank the one person who I tend to forget to thank on a daily basis.  My public thank you to my husband.

Chris, thank you…

  1. For picking up the left over smashed bananas under her high chair.  I really did mean to pick those up… a few days ago.
  2. For installing 5 different baby gates in the same weird stop at the top of the stairs.  I know that was a huge pain.
  3. For telling me my boobs looked good in that pink shirt.  I had beaming self confidence for a week.
  4. For mowing the grass because I am allergic to it.  And for looking like Forest Gump on that Snapper.
  5. For letting me laugh at you as you mow the grass looking like Forest Gump.
  6. For telling me I would be fine as I left Annalise to spend a night in Indy.  You knew that I knew Annalise would be fine and that the real person “not fine” was me.
  7. For letting me continue to wear pregnancy underwear because they are awesomely comfortable yet not the least bit sexy.
  8. For always making the bottle before her bedtime so I don’t have to spend the extra 2 minutes making it while she is tired.
  9. For finishing dinner when I am too tired to take the chicken from the crockpot to my plate.
  10. For listening to my crazy dreams go from moving to Guam to flipping a house here in Indiana to spending half the year in Canada to buying a communal house in Hawaii for our families.
  11. I know I am a roller coaster so thank you for holding on.
And thanks for being a hella dad!



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