We made it to the third trimester!  We have less than three short summer months left until Baby Annalise is here.  I feel like it is going so fast.  The last few weeks have been more challenging emotional than physically.  I don’t know if my hormones just kicked into high gear or what but I was all over the place.  It is really, really hard to deal with the pregnancy hormones.  If you are a women who has experienced the lovely repercussions of female-part induced craziness then you kinda know what I am saying.  I can’t imagine what it is like for a guy to watch.  I’m sure it is scary and so confusing.  I feel rather unpredictable and when I wake up in the morning I just pray I can stay as stable as possible.

Physically I am now getting large enough to make sleeping uncomfortable.  And to add to the joys of the lack of sleep, acid reflux has set in. Gross alert (DONT READ IF QUEASY)- I have woke up choking on my own acid vomit three times.  Nothing like coughing vomit out of your lungs in a dead sleep.  So we have rigged a way for me to be sitting up slightly to avoid too much choking and my doctor put me on Prilosec to help.  I was NOT prepared for that.

My face is starting to look rounder but then I look at a picture of pregnant Jessica Simpson and feel a tad bit better.  I like to tell myself she was surrounded by people who were helping her maintain a healthy weight and sometimes pregnancy has other plans.  Oh the joys of water weight, swelling and other natural things.

To get a break from everything I took a trip to Indy to see a lot of my friends.  My trips to Indy will probably be less now that I am getting uncomfortable (my uterus is bigger than a pumpkin now -holy moly!)


I had an AMAZING reunion with Mallory! We ate lots of pizza and caught up on so much. I love her so much!


ADD and MLove with baby Annalise 🙂


After my date night with Mallory I arrived at Brittany’s apartment to find sugar free rainbow cupcakes! She is the best!

Brittany had to work at 6am so when I got up on Saturday Amanda picked me up for some Target shopping and lunch!  Amanda and I have been friends since we were little- growing up on the same street.  It was so good to catch up with her as I ate pizza and breadsticks and she sipped on her coffee. 🙂  I then sneakily filled up Britt’s apartment with food 😉

After sleeping most of the rest of the day on Saturday, I met up with Annalise for dinner at Noodles and Co in Broadripple.  It was a much needed catch up session and she even canceled her date night with her hubby so we could hang out. She gave me this adorable onesie for Baby Annalise! I am in love! She also gave me two amazing maternity shirts. My friends have been so supportive of my pregnancy and have thought of everything from clothes for my changing body and things for Baby Annalise from all over the world.


Annalise and I then headed to meet Brittany and Kayleigh at a bar in Broad Ripple. I felt quite out of place as then youngsters in skimpy clothes waltzed by.  When we got to the door of Average Joe’s the bouncer asked to see inside my gift bag and purse.  I then got really awkward and announced “a onesie, a maternity shirt… in my purse you will find Tylenol, Benedyrl, antacids…”  I then told him he could feel my belly to make sure it was real.  I think I freaked him out.  I was trying to be funny slash feeling awkward walking into a bar while pregnant.


Me and the girls at Average Joe’s.


And look who else showed up!
That night I headed downtown to see Jaime.  I have a key to her luxury apartment so I just let myself in and made myself at home.  We stayed up late talking and acting like we were back in college.  When we woke up Austin made us killer omelets and a fruit tray!  We had some great girl talks 🙂


Then it was on to lunch with all my friends at Scotty’s Brewhouse! It was so wonderful catching up with everyone. It was an amazing weekend of friends!

In other news!

Chris’ family surprised Tom with zip lining in Brown County for Father’s Day! I think Chris purposefully tried to look 3 ft tall in this one. 
While everyone else was zip lining, Donna and I went SHOPPING! Baby Annalise will be so spoiled!  She doesn’t reallllly have a choice.  She will be a dancer 😉
Another weekend we went out to My Uncle Ted and Aunt Lavonne’s house! We got out the quads and had a great dinner. I love going out to their house.  I think Mark is getting the hang of life in the midwest. 
The Master Griller of the summer.

Time is FLYING because…

Our good friends Mike and Annie had their son Gabriel Michael! He is so adorable and Annie did great! I can’t believe he is already here! I feel like we just found out Annie was pregnant. Guess we are next!


Guess who was reunited after 8 years?! Evan and I were inseparable in high school and we finally got together. It was as if 8 years hadn’t passed at all. Love her so much and so happy to be back in each others lives!
On the 4th of July it was record breaking hot. It is amazing how pregnancy effects your heat tolerance. I stayed inside most of the day but ventured out a bit 🙂 Alexa has been so excited about Baby Annalise and loves to feel my belly and ask me if she is kicking. 
Battle of the Bumps! David’s sister, Marlayna, and I with our baby bumps.  Next photo will be with babies in arms!
And here is my lil Butler Bulldog! I got her this outfit when she was 2 years old and she is determined to still wear it. Hilarious! Alexa also got to feel the baby kick. She was so excited! Not even my mom has felt her kick yet.  Now everytime she sees me she asks if she is kicking 😉


And here is my 27 week photo.  Check out that baby belly. Whoa mama!

27 weeks! Hellooooo 3rd trimester!  Dress courtesy of Jaime.  She wrote me the sweetest card telling me that I deserve to feel good about myself while pregnant and she hoped this dress gave me the confidence I needed while my body changes.

Baby Updates

Weight:  Really starting to feel the weight gain.  My knees are starting to hurt when going up and down stairs and I found some cellulite (AHHH!).  It was not a good experience but I just keep thinking that it is all for the baby.  But when I went to my 28 week appointment I had only put on 4 lbs since the last visit.  I thought for sure I had gained 12 lbs.  And the doc said that half of the 4 lbs is water weight that I will be picking up from now on.  (I don’t know how there can be water in me… I pee every 20 minutes).

Cravings:  Still chugging the water.  It is like I can’t get enough.  There really isn’t anything food wise that I crave constantly.  I still love cupcakes though so if you are a baker there are some sugar free mixes out there that are amaaazing.  Just ask Brittany.

Physical Challenges:  I started waking up with my hands in tight fists and in pain.  I freaked at first because my dad has arthritis and I was really worried that I was starting to get it.  (If you haven’t kept up with my laundry list of medical issues- if someone in my family has it, then I will get it.) It’s science.  BUT when I talked to the doc he said that it was carpel tunnel.  Apparently I am balling my fists in my sleep and laying them.  Combined with the third trimester swelling, I have developed carpel tunnel.  I was so relieved!  All I need to do is wear these little gloves that have a metal splint in the to keep my heads from making fists in the night.  Easy peasy.

Sleeping is a little more difficult with my big belly but Chris and I have a good system of pillows down.  Every time I wake up in the night Chris sits up “You ok? What do you need?  Can I help you?  Are you ok!??!?!”  It’s sweet and I am so glad he is there if I need anything.  Most of the time I just have to pee and he can’t really help with that.  Although I am sure he would if he could.

I found some…. stretch marks.  Yeah, I said it.  I’ll admit it.  At first there were just a couple “where my underwear covers” which I found weird.  But a couple days ago I found a couple more on my belly on the left side.  She pushes on my left side constantly but I have no idea if they are connected.  If I have stretch marks, I have stretch marks.  I have been over the top with the top-of-the-line lotions and doing everything I can but if they come anyways, I’ll deal with it.  Besides, tankinis are cool.

Emotional Issues:  Like I mentioned at the beginning, my emotions had two weeks of wreaking havoc.  The weekend in Indy with my girlfriends really helped a lot.  I think Chris and I working from home together all day, all the preparations for Annalise, a significant increase and focus on a work project and the heat keeping me indoors drove me a little crazy.  But we are working towards a more stress free environment and focusing on things that matter.  I tell you- hormones suck.  There is no way around it.  I talked to my doc about it and I will be visiting him two weeks after her birth to check on post-partum.  Since I am so emotional now we want to keep a close eye on me after she arrives since that is when it usually is the worst.  Yikes (it gets worse?!)  But Chris, again, is a super-husband and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep me from unnecessary tears or fears.  (He is literally rearranging our living space AGAIN to make me feel better.) The upside of the emotional roller coaster is that I also laugh harder at things than before.  I think it is good for Chris’ ego that I laugh at his jokes for about 10 minutes longer than before 😉

Things That I am So Happy About:

  • Brittany is so excited about Baby Annalise.  I had no idea that she would be just as excited as I am.  It makes me feel good that even though she has a million things going on in her life- she is preparing to be an aunt!
  • Christina is a saint.  Seriously.  She has been planning a baby shower, finding super baby deals and helping me stay sane throughout everything.
  • My friend Abbey is also throwing a shower for our friends here in Lburg!
  • And my college friends are throwing an adorable shower in Indy.  Check out this invite:

    Thank you Lauren for making such a creative invite! Annalise’s room with by pink owls and owls are Kappas “thang”. So perfect! 🙂


And Jaime made this to go along with the invite that was emailed out!!! http://animoto.com/play/Li35hfyheWDX18514arPOw 

Am I spoiled or what?  Jaime just keeps saying that someday I will just have to pay her back with an amazing shower.  Looks like I have huge shoes to fill!

  • And finally… received this gem of a gift from Lauren in the mail.  I laughed so hard.  Chris wants to find me a unitard and video me actually doing it and send it Lauren.  I wonder where the Ol’ VHS machine is?
Thank you, Lauren, for helping me stay fit. And tell your mom– why yes, I am going to do this video regularly. 😉
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